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About Me


I've gone through an interesting journey in life. I've changed a lot, grown a lot and learned a lot. I think what I've been through and learned could help a lot of people. Maybe I can't change the entire world, but maybe if I can touch one heart at a time, part of the world will change.

Change is a personal choice. No one should be coerced to change or argued into change. What I want to do is inspire people to think. I want to tickle their curiosity and help them confront their paradigms and world views and evaluate them. To think about what they believe and why and how those beliefs affect themselves and the world around them. 


Some of what I say may be a challenge, but it's a challenge for people to examine their own thoughts and stand by what they say they believe

Some of the things I want to talk about are what it's like dealing with autism and ways I've learned how to cope with anxiety.

It's also a great passion of my heart to talk about what it means to be a Bible-following Christian. Our Christian culture and our world have lost so much from the false ideas being promoted about what Christianity is and how Christians are supposed to behave. These false ideas hurt people both inside the church and outside and it grieves my heart.

I hope that in writing about the Bible, I can inspire change. The best change would be for people who aren't Christians (whether they think they are or not) to come to know the Creator of the world and the incredible peace and joy Christianity can bring. But at the very least I hope that I can present a clear view of Christianity so people understand the difference between unBiblical "Christian" behavior and what it is supposed to be.

No matter what, I hope to inspire people and I hope that in reading these essays, I inspire you.

What I love

My greatest passion in life, next to God, is communicating. One way is dancing with a partner, especially West Coast Swing, Salsa and Bachata. Another was is talking to people, reading books about communication, and learning Spanish. I also love to swim and be outdoors or settle down comfortably with a movie or good book. 

I live in Oregon, which is my favorite place to live, where I get to be saturated in countless shades of green and more flowers I've ever seen in my life.

I like to write and contemplate things from different perspectives about an endless variety of subjects and live with two fantastic roommates. 

About Dance

​It's hard for me to pick a favorite dance. I love Salsa, Bachata and West Coast Swing. To me, dance is the ultimate expression of art and creativity. In dance, I use my entire body to create something beautiful. Partner dancing in particular is my passion because I love to create an amazing connection where art is creating not only something beautiful, but unified. When I am led in a dance I feel as if I have become a living sculpture.

I am passionate about communication and to dance with a partner who connects with me well is about communicating in a way that transcends words. The touch, the cues, with differing levels of gentleness and strength to express the music from the soul is so fulfilling to me. 

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