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My books!

I'm a new author. I just got published this year! I have written and illustrated the following books. Eventually I'm going to have more on here about my journey to becoming an author, but for now, this will have to do.

Giver Cover 2 HC.jpg

Follow the adventures of Faren, a searching soul in a world of darkness and fear, as he journeys through a world filled with bitterness, pride, sorrow and greed. With Perzsi, his earnest guide, and other newfound friends along the way, Faren travels towards the Great Giver of Life, seeking the pure and joyful life he always wanted. Enduring the scorn and skepticism of the world around him, he struggles on through his own uncertainties as he searches for a mythical place he is told is real. With difficulties on every side, including arrest and imprisonment, will Faren ever find the Great Giver of Life and fulfill his dreams?

English spelling is often silly. This story is about words that are pronounced in ways that do not match how they are spelled. I have spelled them out phonetically so that they are pronounced the way they look instead of the way they are said. Follow the simple adventures of a day in the life of a knight that show just how silly English can be.

Kanigit Cover 400 b 2 (1).jpg

La Lombriz - Coming soon!

For Spanish learners or speakers, this very short story will delight everyone who loves the letter l. Designed primarily for kids learning phonics, it is also a fun little way to add vocabulary for those learning Spanish!

Leer sobre las tres amigos, la linda lombriz, el leonado león y el loro listo mientras ellos lavan, laman y leen.

(Read about the three friends, the cute worm, the tawny lion and the smart parrot as they plow, wash and read!)

Perzsi's Journey

Coming in 2023!


Learn how Perzsi came to know the Great Give of Life in this prequel set before Faren's adventure.

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