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About Me

My greatest passion in life, next to God, is communicating. One way is dancing with a partner, especially West Coast Swing, Salsa and Bachata. Another was is talking to people, reading books about communication, and learning Spanish. I also love to swim and be outdoors or settle down comfortably with a movie or good book. 

I live in Oregon, which is my favorite place to live, where I get to be saturated in countless shades of green and more flowers I've ever seen in my life.

I like to write and contemplate things from different perspectives about an endless variety of subjects and live with two fantastic roommates. 

About Dance.

My greatest passion in dance is West Coast Swing. But I also love Salsa and Bachata. To me, dance is the ultimate expression of art and creativity. In dance, I use my entire body to create something beautiful. Partner dancing in particular is my passion because I love to create an amazing connection where art is creating not only something beautiful, but unified. When I am led in a dance I feel as if I have become a living sculpture.

I am passionate about communication and to dance with a partner who connects with me well is about communicating in a way that transcends words. The touch, the cues, with differing levels of gentleness and strength to express the music from the soul is so fulfilling to me. 

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